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Mayday Parade Revel in the Bittersweet on ‘Pretty Good to Feel Something’

The band also shared a video to accompany the new track

Mayday Parade have a new lesson in romantics: finding silver linings no matter what. On their new song “Pretty Good to Feel Something,” the Tallahassee pop-punk band is tapping into all the highs and lows of the aftermath of a breakup. Lead singer Derek Sanders sings, “We’ll try a fun song for once,” against chugging guitar licks before the chorus dives into a slower, synth-filled moment and offers up a fun, emo-pop single.

“‘Pretty Good To Feel Something’ is a song about bad things happening that alter your life,” Sanders shared in a statement. “Eventually, you have to let those things go and move forward. It’s about appreciating what’s left after it’s all said and done.”

In addition to the track, Mayday Parade shared a music video to accompany it. The release comes as the band kicks off their co-headlining tour with The Maine for the Sad Summer Festival, an emo music festival celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.


“Pretty Good to Feel Something” is Mayday Parade’s latest self-released offering since completing their major label contract deal in 2021. Previously, they dropped a single, “Got Me All Wrong,” in 2023, right after their initial indie-release, “More Like a Crash.”

Mayday Parade are clearly enjoying their new freedom as independent artists. Bassist Jeremy Lenzo explained in a statement how the new status will allow them to “release new music more consistently” and continued, “We’re going into this with the mindset that each song really needs to stand on its own.”

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