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Måneskin’s Damiano David on the chances of a solo project: “It could be a very healthy thing and a very destructive thing”

Måneskin’s Damiano David has spoken about the chances of a solo project in the future.

Speaking on The Allison Hagendorf Show, the frontman was asked if he thought he would ever make any music away from the Italian band.

“Why not? I think it could be a very healthy thing and a very destructive thing,” he replied (via Blabbermouth). “The only thing that matters, it’s how you agree with the band, because the band, it’s always gonna be what gave me everything I have.”

David continued: “And if I ever have the chance to do a solo project, I have to keep in my mind that it’s thanks to everything I did with the band. That’s my foundation. That’s where I come from. That’s where I developed as an artist. And most of everything, it’s three people that always supported me and always literally had my back on stage supporting me. And I always had this shield of my band, my musicians. If I fuck up, they’re gonna save me. If they fuck up, I’m gonna save them.

“So that’s a dynamic that really scares me, thinking about it, like if one day I have a solo project, I’m gonna be alone; it’s gonna be all on me.”

The singer went on to explain that he thinks going solo could help his creativity within Måneskin as well as helping fans to understand the group more.

He added: “But at the same time, I think that [there] comes a point where every artist should do his own thing, like saying, ‘This is me. And this is what I would do if I was alone, if everything was about me and thought about me.’ And I think also, like if I do a solo project tomorrow, I think that it’s gonna help people understand more about the band because I’m one of the four elements of the band.

“So if you see my full universe, you’re gonna be able to see my influences in the band and see what doesn’t come from me. And actually, by knowing me better, you’re gonna get to know the other three [members] better. So I think it’s very interesting. And I actually wish that one day we all do like a solo project one year and then we come back together with new ideas, new stimulation.

“I think art should be always trying new things and never, never stopping in your comfort zone. When something gets too comfortable, it’s not the right chair. You always have to challenge yourself. So being alone scares me. Let’s be alone. Let’s put myself in that uncomfortable situation because it’s the only environment where I can actually grow. And if I grow, my band can grow. If I stop developing, my band is gonna stop developing.”

Earlier this month, Måneskin released a dramatic video for their latest single ‘Valentine’.

The band recently dropped the deluxe edition of their debut album ‘Rush!’, on which ‘Valentine’ appears as a new track. The deluxe, called ‘Rush! (Are You Coming?)’, takes its title from one of the five new songs the band wrote for the album, ‘Honey (Are U Coming?)’.

Back in May, NME caught the band on tour in London. In a four-star review of the gig, NME wrote: “Inviting a small army of fans in fishnets and leather to invade the stage, you see the cult of Måneskin manifest.”

It continued: “There’s no mention of Eurovision and they’ve dropped their covers of indie disco hits (including Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’) from the setlist. It’s a sign of how far they’ve come on their own terms with two fingers up to the haters. You don’t need gimmicks, you just need a good time.”

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