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What Are the Least-Played Songs on Spotify by Taylor Swift, the Beatles, and Other Superstars?

We crunched the numbers for the biggest names in music and determined there is indeed wisdom in crowds: People unconsciously selected some pretty forgettable songs to skip

Back in the dark ages, when you actually had to trudge out to a mall and slap down $20 to buy a CD, it was next to impossible to know which tracks people enjoyed the most on a given album, and which ones they quietly kinda hated. But now that we live in a crazy future where the world’s biggest record store lives in our phone and costs just $9.99 a month to access in full, we know precisely what people are playing and what they’re skipping past. That’s because Spotify tells you exactly how many times every individual song out there has been played.

Using that information, we combed through the Spotify library of 18 superstar acts, from the Beatles and Queen to Taylor Swift and Rihanna, to learn the single least popular songs in their core catalogs. The criteria we used were rather simple: A song had to appear on the original release of a studio album to count. That means no remixes, bonus tracks, B sides, live songs, soundtrack tunes, non-album singles, or anything else that didn’t come out on an actual studio album. We also discarded sketches, instrumentals, interludes, spoken-word segments, and even cover songs. (There was a lot of debate over that last one, but it didn’t seem quite fair to measure these sometimes random choices against an artist’s own songs.)

Our big takeaway: There is indeed tremendous wisdom in crowds. With a few notable exceptions, the user base of Spotify, making billions of unconscious decisions over the course of a decade, settled on some pretty lousy songs to hit “skip” on.

Since we’re talking about some of history’s hugest, most beloved superstars here, nothing on this list is truly a flop in absolute terms — the numbers are still quite large in most cases. And a few of these songs are actually good. But relatively speaking, these are the lowest points in some of music’s best catalogs. Please, don’t get too mad if you see one of your favorite artists on here. No matter how many hits you make, something still has to miss the hardest. See for yourself.

(Note that the exact number of song plays fluctuates by the second. The ones noted here were accurate as of the time we made these tallies.)

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