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Lil Nas X surprise releases demo for new song ‘Light Again’

Lil Nas X has surprise released a demo for his new song, ‘Light Again’ – check it out below.

The song was released on Friday (March 29) via SoundCloud and sees the musician rapping and singing over a house beat.

The musician joked that his record label might not be happy about him sharing the new song.

“Ngl might get in trouble for releasing this song without label’s permission but anyway,” Lil Nas wrote as she shared the new music on TikTok. He also added on X: “Sorry Columbia!”

Check out the demo here:


♬ LIGHT AGAIN – lil nas x


♬ LIGHT AGAIN – lil nas x

The musician has been teasing the track for some time, sharing the track’s outro back in February. “I don’t like Lil Nas music but this gone be a classic, I’m sorry,” he wrote over a video of him lip-syncing to the song earlier this month.

Back in January, the rapper dropped a reflective new track titled ‘Where Do We Go Now?’. The song was written by the rapper and singer as part of his upcoming HBO documentary, Lil Nas X: Long Live Montero.

In January, the musician also addressed the religious backlash he recently received following the teaser of new single ‘J Christ’ and the emotional impact it has had on him.

Released on January 12, the song came alongside a self-directed video that spoofed various biblical stories; including Lil Nas portraying a godlike figure at the gates of Heaven and playing a one-on-one basketball game against Satan.

He was depicted on a crucifix in one scene too, and the cover artwork showed him laid on a cross as five bystanders began to raise him off the ground.

The artist later discussed the impact that the negative response had on him and revealed that he finds it ‘depressing’ to see the single spark such controversy.

“I’ve never been here, mentally and even physically, where… you push your art into the world, and it’s received negatively by the majority,” he told Jay Shetty in a recent appearance on his On Purpose podcast. “But then, like, also understanding why, and having to see it through.”

He also joked that he enjoyed sparking chaos “when I can control it”, adding, “I’m usually strategic with things and I can kind of move the conversation.” However, this time around he revealed he found the scale of the backlash “depressing”, adding that: “You can become super angry with yourself.”

As for the intended message behind the imagery, he explained that it wasn’t supposed to be offensive, but rather show his return to making music.

“Artistically, it was just supposed to be like, I’m returning… I’m back like him. [But] it turned into this whole thing where it was me trying to dunk on Christians or something.

“That was never what it was. And then I looked at the video with me eating the communion or whatnot, and I was like, ‘Okay, this looks really bad on paper – this thing that I thought was just, like, a little jokey, fun video.’”

He also added that the backlash made him question whether his religious family members would also be offended by the video – saying it would be “really messed up” if they were.

Shortly before the song’s release, Lil Nas X also announced that he would be going to university to join a Biblical Studies programme.

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