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Kylie Minogue says she’s still trying to “process” surviving cancer in emotional new interview

Kylie Minogue has opened up about her previous cancer diagnosis, and revealed that she is still trying to comprehend the experience.

The iconic Australian pop star opened up about her struggle with the disease during a new interview with CBS News, and opened up about how, despite being given the all-clear, she still finds it hard to process the situation.

She was given the diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005, and was declared cancer-free the following year after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy.

“It’s trauma, and any trauma resides within you,” she told the outlet, looking back at the time. “The experience of a cancer diagnosis will live in me. It was difficult. It was also amazing.”

When asked to elaborate on what she meant by “amazing”, she added: “[It’s] amazing in that you are very aware of your body, of the love that’s around you, of your capability, all sorts of things.”

“I sing to process everything, I think,” she added. “I write to process. I perform to process. And sometimes I think I live to perform.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, the singer revealed that she finds it “mind boggling” to still be performing live, 35 years after launching her singing career. She was also asked how long she plans to continue playing live, to which she responded: “Ask my knees! Ask my knees that have been stomping on stages for years and years and years in stupid high heels.” Find the full interview below.

In other Kylie Minogue news, earlier this year the singer dropped her latest album, ‘Tension’ – which marked her 16th studio LP. It contained her previously shared singles: the ‘90s-inspired title track and the hit anthem of this summer ‘Padam Padam’.

In a four-star review, NME described ‘Tension’ as one of the singer’s strongest albums in recent years, and up there with some of her iconic earlier work. “It’s the sonic equivalent of a burst of confetti,” it read. “The whole album zips along in 36 minutes with no ballads and no duds, just tracks that either slap hard or shimmer infectiously.”

Following the release, Minogue also hit out at ageism and insisted she will continue to wear whatever she wants.

“It’s not about being sexy, it’s about being yourself. I’m not going down to Tesco’s in thigh boots and a catsuit, but in Popland that is me. I don’t even call it sexy as even that feels passe.”

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