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Kelly Clarkson Falls to Her Knees in Awe After Singing Cher’s New Christmas Song

Singer performs “DJ Play a Christmas Song” during ‘Kellyoke’ on her talk show

Two months have passed since Cher released her floor-thumping yuletide anthem “DJ Play a Christmas Song,” and the request finally reached The Kelly Clarkson Show’s house band on Tuesday. The show’s host, who is a Christmas Queen herself, crooned and belted the neo-disco tune (in bellbottoms!) during the “Kellyoke” portion of her show. When the chorus came in, she beamed a smile brighter than Rudolph’s nose: “DJ play a Christmas song, I wanna be dancing all night long.”

She positively growled with Christmas spirit by the end of the performance, repeating the line, “I want to be dancing all night loooooon — YEAH!” and it didn’t even phase her when the band modulated the tune up a pitch. When the band stopped, she simply yowled, “Yes! I love this song,” falling to her knees in front of the band in a Wayne-‘n’-Garth “we’re not worthy” pose.


Cher recently told Billboard about how her label gently prodded her into making a Christmas album. “I had no intention of doing a Christmas album,” she said. “But [the label] said, ‘Why don’t you do a Christmas album, Cher?’ and I said, ‘If I can do my version, I’ll do it.’ And they were very pleasant.” She (maybe reluctantly) titled the album, which came out in October, simply Christmas. It features appearances by Stevie Wonder, Darlene Love, Michael Bublé, Tyga, and Cyndi Lauper.

“They’re not ‘Christmas-Christmas’ songs, OK?” she equivocated in the Billboard article. “They’re just great songs. And I never say that because I almost never like what I do. But I mean people love it and I’m happy. I’m so particular, but I love the songs and everyone who hears them loves them.” Kelly Clarkson sure does.

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