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ITZY’s Yeji oozes confidence in music video for solo song, ‘Crown On My Head’

ITZY member and leader Yeji has released a music video for her new solo song, ‘Crown On My Head’.

Today (December 20), ITZY’s Yeji released a music video for her solo track, titled ‘Crown On My Head’. The song will officially be released on January 8, alongside the girl group’s upcoming second studio album ‘Born to Be’.

The visual for the powerful track opens with Yeji strutting and posing confidently into a room. Later, she sings and dances to the song as fire, lightning and sparks flicker around her.

I’ma light my way, in the dark I set off a new flame / I deserve this ‘cuz I paid the price, and keep my dignity till the end / I got a crown on my head, crown on my head, chosen my life to shine,” she sings on the chorus.

‘Crown On My Head’ is the second of five solo tracks from ITZY’s upcoming album. The first released was Lia’s ‘Blossom’, which dropped in November alongside a lyric video. At the same time, the singer also confirmed that her hiatus would continue through the girl group’s upcoming album and world tour.

The next music video to be released from ITZY’s upcoming album is ‘Run Away’ by Ryujin, which will drop on December 22. Meanwhile, videos for Chaeryeong and Yuna’s for ‘Mine’ and ‘Yet, but’ will arrive on December 25 and 27, respectively.

ITZY have also unveiled a music video for the pre-release track ‘Born to Be’, showing off the song’s intense choreography. Another pre-release song, ‘Mr. Vampire’ will arrive on January 2.

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