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Huey Morgan looks back on mug-smashing ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ episode: “I’m not making excuses – that shit was on me”

Huey Morgan has recalled the reason for his infamous mug-smashing episode on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

The Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman recently spoke to NME in our latest series of Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!, where we quiz musicians on memorable moments from their career.

In our latest installment, we asked Morgan about his noteworthy appearance on music quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Morgan previously appeared as a guest host in 2006, and then in his own fabled episode as a guest in 2013 with Rizzle Kicks as the hosts.

During a round of ‘Next Lines’, where guests have to guess the next line of a given song, Morgan smashed the mug after failing to recall the lyrics to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s ‘The Next Episode’. Morgan eventually walked off the set early.

Recounting the incident, he told NME: “I was having a personal low point, and was moving house the next day so I was under tremendous amounts of stress.

“Without getting into it too much, being a former marine with stress disorder and white wine… shit happens! I’m not making excuses – that was on me.”

In other news, Morgan hit out at the current lineup of Fun Lovin’ Criminals in October last year. Morgan officially departed the band in 2021; currently, the band comprises Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser, Frank Benbini and Naim Cortazzi, with Leiser acting as Morgan’s replacement.

Morgan wrote in response to the lineup: “For the record I’m not in the @funlovincrims anymore. It’s the original keyboard player [Leiser] pretending to be me and 2 guys from Leicester.”

He went on to describe the current iteration of the band as a “sad & creepy tribute act”. Morgan also called the band “frauds and cowards” in a follow-up tweet in November 2023: “They can’t stand that I am finally speaking up. they didn’t even have the guts to speak to me before they announced my ‘departure’.”

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