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Here Are E-40’s Five Favorite Recipes From His New Cookbook ‘Goon With the Spoon’ | Billboard

E-40 reveals his five favorite recipes from his new cookbook Goon With the Spoon presented by Snoop Dogg.

Hey what’s up y’all? This is Earl “E-40” Stevens, tycoon known as “The Goon with The Spoon.” Right now I have a recipe book out, presented by Snoop Dogg and these are my five favorite recipes out of my book.

One, my air fryer honey walnut shrimp. What I love about it is it takes the cheat off when you’re putting it in an air fryer. I also have my mozzarella stuffed turkey meatloaf with barbecue sauce. Oh my god, he talking about wholesome and something that I just satisfy the tastebuds come for food. This is it for you.

Another one is my air fryer pizza, using my Goon With The Spoon sausages. Whether it’s my teriyaki chicken, pineapple sausages, or my mild beef or hot beef, or my chicken Philly cheesesteak sausages.

Also, I’m the owner of a company called the Lumpia Company. I’m co-owner, and you know we have bacon cheeseburger lumpia. If you ain’t never tried bacon cheeseburger lumpias, yeah, gotta try it. Turkey sausage Scotch eggs. Take the cheat off by using turkey sausage instead of pork sausage. If you’ve never had Scotch eggs, you gotta try.

Look it up in Goon With The Spoon cookbook presented by Snoop Dogg. Love y’all.

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