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Harvey Brittain’s Journey From Berklee Student To iTunes Charting Artist

This article was written in partnership with No Fortune

Harvey Brittain, the 21-year-old sensation hailing from the UK, is making waves in the music industry, and his journey is nothing short of inspiring. With a unique blend of pop and jazz influences, Harvey’s music stands out in a crowded field, capturing the hearts of listeners around the globe.

Harvey’s love affair with music began at the young age of four when he first laid his hands on a piano. Growing up in a musical household where his father was a musician, it’s no surprise that Harvey’s soul resonated with the magic of music. He immersed himself in melodies, and his innate talent allowed him to recreate tunes by ear, much to the chagrin of his piano teacher. Despite the classical music exams he reluctantly endured, Harvey’s heart was drawn to the world of jazz. Influenced by legendary artists like Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, and Chick Corea, he yearned to improvise and explore the uncharted territories of music. As he honed his skills, he discovered his singing voice and began crafting his own compositions.

Harvey’s journey took a pivotal turn when he started performing at small gigs while still in school. He even auditioned for major television shows like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor, gracing stages at prestigious venues like Wembley Arena and The London Palladium. Yet, Harvey felt that these avenues weren’t authentic to his artistic vision.

In 2020, a golden opportunity arose when Harvey secured a scholarship to the illustrious Berklee College of Music in the USA. The acceptance letter was a dream come true, but the financial shortfall threatened to shatter that dream. Undeterred, Harvey embarked on a quest to secure sponsors and support. His determination led to a remarkable encounter with bestselling author Lee Child, who graciously backed his journey to Berklee. Lee Child’s act of generosity left an indelible mark on Harvey, instilling in him the importance of paying it forward. Harvey is determined to support others in their pursuit of dreams, just as he was supported on his journey.

Fast forwarding to June of 2022, Harvey used his momentum to release his debut record, “Honest.” Produced in collaboration with American producer H4RRIS, this single skyrocketed into the top 50 of the iTunes Pop Top 100 in the US. The accompanying music video, shot around Boston and executively produced by Lee Child, showcased Harvey’s creative spirit and boundless energy.

Harvey Brittain’s journey from a young piano prodigy to a rising star in the music industry is a testament to the power of talent, determination, and the support of those who believe in you. As he continues to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide, Harvey’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. Keep an eye out for his upcoming singles, and remember his promise to pay it forward, ensuring that the magic of music continues to thrive in the hearts of future generations. Harvey Brittain is a name you’ll want to remember as he continues to light up the music scene with his passion and talent.

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