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Grammys 2024: Tyla on How She Represents South Africa in Her Music, Kylie Minogue on Two Decades of Wins and More

The red carpet for the 66th annual Grammys was filled with music’s most prominent artists on Sunday night, and Rolling Stone staked out a spot to speak with them. Video producers Delisa Shannon and Ilana Woldenberg chatted with musicians as they made their way into Los Angeles’ Arena to discuss the Grammy moments they were most excited to witness during the ceremony, their fashion and the music they’re working on now, among other topics.

Some of the most exciting chats Rolling Stone had were with Caroline Polachek, Peso Pluma, and others. Here is what they had to say:

Moments after Tyla‘s song “Water” won the Grammy for Best African Music Performance, the weight of the situation was still setting in – literally. “That award is so heavy,” she said. “I didn’t think it was that heavy.” She spoke about what people should expect from her upcoming Coachella performances and the role that her home country of South Africa plays in her music. “It’s everything,” she said. “Even my performances, my dancing, even in interviews, I’m speaking how I speak at home. I’m not trying to change anything. I just want people to see authentically who I am, where I’m from, experience the culture and the energy that people always love about South Africans.”

Two decades after Kylie Minogue won the Best Dance Recording Grammy for “Come Into My World,” she won another in a new category — Best Pop Dance Recording — for her catchy “Padam Padam” on Sunday. On the red carpet, the singer said she felt the category tile was “poetic” since she’s been telling people she made “pop-dance” music for years. “Win or no win, it was already momentous for me that it’s 20 years since the other,” she said. “I’ve got a set now. I’m gonna start collecting. I’m so moved by representing longevity and that you can adapt and evolve.”

Caroline Polacheck’s 2023 album, Desire, I Want to Turn Into You, was nominated in the category for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical (it lost to Victoria Monét’s Jaguar II). Nevertheless, Polacheck told Rolling Stone that it felt special to her to be recognized for the sound of her album, especially since she’s previously been nominated as a producer. “It’s actually a very meaningful [nomination] for me, because I did put so much love and so much time into the engineering and the editing behind the whole album,” she said. “And the devil really is in the details when it comes to the music.”

Peso Pluma won a Grammy on Sunday for his album, Génesis, in the Best Música Mexicana Album (Including Tejano) category. On the carpet, he told Rolling Stone that the win was special because he saw it as not just for him but also for his country. He also reflected on the uniqueness he brings to music. “I think Double P as a sound is unique,” he said. “The project, the musicians, the live instruments, everything, and the genre, and I think that’s the most important thing of all.”

Coi Leray — nominated twice for Best Pop Dance Recording and Best Rap Performance — was feeling good on the red carpet, giving Rolling Stone a round of “‘Cause girls is players, too.” Embracing her playerhood, she spoke about how important it was for her not to feel confined to one style, so it meant a lot to her to be nominated in categories from multiple genres. “My versatility is something I love when people admire [it] and appreciate [it],” she said. “So to be nominated for Best Pop and Best Rap … the versatility is there, and it’s being appreciated.”

Samara Joy told Rolling Stone she felt relaxed on Sunday, even though she would be presenting the Best New Artist award (which she herself won last year) during the main ceremony. Of course, it’s easy to chill when you’ve won a Grammy already; earlier in the day, Joy claimed the Best Jazz Performance trophy for her song “Tight.” Since she won twice last year, she said the event on Sunday felt comfortable and she was ready to return the Best New Artist favor to someone new. “It feels wonderful because I know how much that moment meant to me and how surprised and excited and shocked I was to hear my name, ’cause it’s nice to celebrate other people,” she said. “To experience it for yourself is an entirely different thing, so I’m happy to surprise someone else with that honor tonight.”


6lack was nominated in the Best Progressive R&B Album category for his Since I Have a Lover LP, and he told Rolling Stone that the lyrics to the album’s title track will be his beacon for what he hopes the rest of 2024 looks like for him. “Since I have a lover, no more lonely nights,” he said. “I would take that and make it mean more than just something romantic. I would say creating friendships and relationships and community has brought me to a place where I don’t have to feel like it’s me against the world all by myself.”

Dan Nigro produced and co-wrote every song on Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts, and on Sunday night he was nominated in the Record of the Year category for Rodrigo’s “Vampire.” On the red carpet, he told Rolling Stone about how he maintains who he is while collaborating with artists. “I work so closely with Chappell [Roan] and I work so closely with Olivia, so I’ve put all of myself into both of those records,” he said. “Just going back and forth between them at the same time in tandem was a challenge for me, but I feel like I tried my best and hopefully people appreciate those records individually.”

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