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Gloria Trevi Sued by Two More Jane Does Who Claim She ‘Eagerly’ Instigated Sex Cult

A new pair of Jane Doe plaintiffs filed a lawsuit Friday claiming pop star Gloria Trevi helped procure vulnerable teens for her ex-manager Sergio Andrade and “eagerly” perpetuated his sadistic sex cult, allegedly threatening suicide if they didn’t submit.

According to the 98-page complaint obtained by Rolling Stone, Trevi and her co-defendant Mary Boquitas recruited the women into Andrade’s orbit knowing the horror that awaited them – and that Trevi pressured the plaintiffs to submit to Andrade’s sexual abuse or face repercussions. One of the women, identified as Jane Doe 3, alleges Trevi told her that if she spurned Andrade’s advances, her older sister, an aspiring performer, would be expelled from the group with her career “ruined.”

In one particularly chilling passage of the complaint, Jane Doe 3 alleges that in 1995, when she was over the age of 18 but still a virgin, Trevi led her to Andrade’s bedroom, “pushed” her through the door and waited outside while she was raped. After the alleged assault, Trevi thanked her, she claims. “You just saved your sister, you will not regret it. [Andrade] is a wonderful man, and he is the person that I love the most,” Trevi allegedly said, according to the complaint.

Jane Doe 3 alleges her abuse continued for years, in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Argentina and Brazil — finally ending in 2000, when Trevi, Andrade, and Boquitas were arrested in Brazil following an international manhunt.

The new lawsuit filed Friday follows a year after two other Jane Does, one of them the older sister of Jane Doe 3, sued Trevi, Andrade, and Boquitas with claims Trevi lured them into the alleged sex ring when they were 13 and 15 years old — and when Trevi was an adult. The prior complaint was filed at the end of a three-year window that temporarily lifted the statute of limitations for childhood sex abuse claims in California.

The new lawsuit from Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 was filed under a different “lookback” window allowing alleged victims of adult sex abuse to sue with otherwise-expired claims if the purported abuse included an attempted cover-up. The plaintiffs say some of their abuse occurred during trips to Los Angeles County, including at a house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz between 1995 and 1997, and that the co-defendants and their production companies Conexiones Americanas and Magical Image Entertainment, Inc. went to great lengths to conceal the mistreatment, ordering abortions and forbidding the alleged victims from speaking with people outside the group.

Trevi, 55, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and filed her own lawsuit against Andrade on Thursday. She alleges Andrade was the “true predator” at the center of the sex ring, while she was a victim who endured “grotesque” abuse including repeated rapes, whippings, beatings, and starvation “calculated to break her spirit.” Attempts to reach her lawyer were not immediately successful Friday.

According to the new lawsuit, Jane Doe 3 alleges she was forced to participate in group sex with Andrade where Trevi was a willing accomplice. “Defendant Trevi would often knock on the door when Defendant Andrade was sexually assaulting Plaintiff Jane Doe 3 and ask Defendant Andrade to join in sexual acts with him and the victims,” the lawsuit states. “Defendant Trevi voluntarily and eagerly joined the acts and she touched other women and girls of her own volition, without instruction from Defendant Andrade.”

Among its most disturbing claims, the lawsuit alleges Trevi “manipulated” girls and women into sex with Andrade by threatening to commit suicide. “On one occasion in Playa Blanca Guerrero, Defendant Trevi told Plaintiff Jane Doe 3, Defendant Andrade, and the other women and girls that if (a new 13-year-old girl in the group) refused to have sexual relations with Defendant Andrade, that she, Defendant Trevi, would commit suicide. Defendant Trevi then left the residence for hours and all the women and girls in the group urgently searched for her, to prevent her suicide,” the filing claims. (In her complaint filed Thursday, Trevi said that the abuse she suffered at the hands of Andrade pushed her to the brink of suicide.)

Jane Doe 3 alleges she was beaten by Andrade and falsely accused of stealing. She claims that around 1996, she attempted suicide by turning on a propane gas tank and inhaling the gas while staying at Andrade’s property in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The incident killed a cat, but she survived, the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe 4 alleges in the lawsuit that she was recruited by Boquitas in 1991 when she was a 23-year-old model. She alleges Andrade regularly sexually assaulted her and beat her while she lived with the group. She claims Trevi “instigated” some of her physical abuse, including one time when Trevi allegedly reported to Andrade that Jane Doe 4 concealed an invitation to attend a party. “Defendant Andrade was enraged that Plaintiff Jane Doe 4 was invited and that she had not reported the invitation to him, as Defendant Trevi knew he would be,” the lawsuit states. Because of Defendant Trevi’s lies, Defendant Andrade viciously whipped Plaintiff Jane Doe 4 with approximately 25 to 30 lashes that day.”

Trevi has been battling accusations for decades that she aided Andrade’s abuse. Known for her songs of youthful rebellion and her nickname La Atrevida, the Daring One, she seemingly went on the run with Andrade in the late 90s as an avalanche of sex cult allegations from multiple former protégées hit the headlines.


The claims from accusers became an international scandal. The music mogul previously dubbed “Mr. Midas” was accused of being a violent serial pedophile, with Trevi recast as his loyal and willing adult accomplice. The duo’s faces appeared on wanted posters plastered around Mexico before they were arrested in Brazil in January 2000. Trevi would go on to spend four years in pre-trial detention before being acquitted by a judge who said there was insufficient evidence to support the rape, kidnapping, and corruption of minors charges filed by Mexican prosecutors.

After spending four years awaiting trial, Andrade was convicted of rape, kidnapping, and corruption of minors. He ended up spending only one more year behind bars and has not responded to the civil litigation now unfolding against him in Los Angeles County Superior Court. According to paperwork in the Jane Doe lawsuit filed last year, his address in Mexico is “unknown.”

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