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Flo Milli Reflects on ‘Living in Your Truth’ and Her Next Chapter

Flo Milli is standing in her power. The rap star sat down with Rolling Stone for an episode of Green Room ahead of her show at Brooklyn Steel several weeks ago to speak on her rise in hip-hop, and how she’s learned to block out others’ perceptions of her.

“You can be a mirror to people. Sometimes when you’re living in your truth and in your power, people who are not, [they] get triggered,” she said. “You can take that and be inspired or you can be a hater and just be miserable. Two choices, bitch. Choose one!”

The rapper reflected on how she used to take the comments she saw online about her, but soon learned about projection, and how sometimes “it’s not about me, it’s about you.”

“I don’t let that stuff get under my skin because I know that I’m in a better position than I ever was,” she added. “I remember when I was nine years old praying at my twin bed for the stuff I have now… It just rolls off my back.”

Flo Milli discussed the sisterhood of women in rap and how so many of the women rappers have built friendships due to their similar experiences.

“I feel like a lot of girls can relate to each other. When I have conversations with other peers, we’re like ‘You go through this, too.’ It’s easier and better for us to prove the haters wrong who pin us against each other. It’s petty,” she added. “Of course, not everybody has to get along, but when we get along, we get along.”

She also looked back on the lessons she’s learned in her career since dropping the breakout single, “Beef.” She explained that she’s learned to “live in the moment” instead of “wanting something better.”

“Look at where you’re at right now. This is what you asked for 10 years ago,” she tells herself. “I would say, gratitude.”

As for the music that’s on the way? She said fans can expect to see her “unfolding different parts of me that people didn’t know.” “I’m a very private person. I like to protect my personality because I know how I shine,” she said. “‘Cause people be hatin’.”


She also reflected on her several alter-egos in the music and each of their vibes.

The new interview with Flo Milli comes as she’s released a series of singles “Never Lose Me” with Lil Yachty, “BGC,” and “Chocolate Rain” this year. She spoke to Rolling Stone ahead of her LP Fine Ho, Stay.

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