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Dua Lipa Takes Shots From a Barbie Dreamhouse and Gets Matching Tattoos With Seth Meyers

When Mattel designed the latest version of the Barbie Dreamhouse, it likely envisioned young children playing out their most imaginative pretend fantasies. What certainly wasn’t on their vision board, however, was Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers using the plastic palace to take shots on late-night television. Just like the movie, Barbie truly is fun for the whole family.

But Lipa and Meyers’ friendship bonding didn’t stop there — in fact, by the end of the latest Late Night With Seth Meyers episode, the pair would be permanently connected. After their Dreamhouse shots, they sat with New York-based tattoo artist Bang Bang, who branded them with matching star tattoos.

“We’re gonna be like, bonded for life,” Lipa tells Meyers as Bang Bang gets the star stencil going. At this point, the host is still on the fence. He’s never gotten a tattoo before, and the artist’s reassurance of “I’m not going to feel as thing” wasn’t all that reassuring. “Oh, this isn’t that bad,” Meyers starts, thinking his pain tolerance is top-tier before realizing: “Oh, that’s just the marker?”

With one last shot, Meyers makes it through his first-ever tattoo, while Lipa is on tattoo number 20-something. Between the tattoos and their recent day drinking outing — which ended in the singer’s team cutting their planned activities short after she tapped out — the duo have entered best friend territory.

At the end of their original day drinking episode, it was noted that Lipa slipped away to the bathroom for a few minutes, and then a few minutes more, and then had left the building completely. Before getting their tattoos, the singer shared the behind-the-scenes details of what really happened after she downed around 12 shots of rum, tequila, gin, and vodka in about 45 minutes and topped them off with a cigarette.

“I started getting a little bit dizzy. I was like, I’m just gonna pop to the bathroom, I’m sure I’m gonna be completely fine — and I fall asleep,” she explains. “It wasn’t a luxury bed, but for some reason, everything felt comfortable. I was very cozy and whatever, I was just slumped.”


She added: “The only thing I remember after that point is the fact that I woke up in my bed. And I just have this vision of my assistant who really — she saved my life. But all I had was her telling my security, ‘John, get the wheelchair!’ I was full ragdoll. I don’t remember a thing. It was amazing. I woke up like two hours later and I was like, what happened?”

She caught up with Meyers a few hours after they both regained full consciousness. “The really funny thing to me is I was behind the bar, and people kept coming and being like, ‘Dua just needs five more minutes.’ I’m like, great. And then someone was like, ‘She just needs 10 more minutes.’ I’m like, you bet, Dua is gonna be great. And then they were like, ‘Hey, uh, she’s gone.’ And I’m like, what? And they were like, ‘That woman in the wheelchair?’ That was Dua Lipa? That’s how drunk I was.”

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