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Dua Lipa Goes Day Drinking With Seth Meyers, Plays ‘IDGAF’ Truth or Drink Game

On Monday, it was Dua Lipa’s turn to join Seth Meyers on the latest edition of “Day Drinking” on the Late Night show. The host’s past drinking buddies have included Lizzo, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Lorde, Post Malone and Seth’s mother. 

The two met up at Studio 151 in New York and started their session by making shots disappear, in honor of Lipa’s new single, “Houdini.” The inaugural shots were followed by drinks inspired by the legendary magician, Harry Houdini, including the “Houtini,” which Lipa ascertained “smells,” and a strangely tasty cocktail that included tequila, Red Bull, curdling pumpkin spice latte and Campari that they named, “Second Wind.”  

After downing four shots of various clear liquids with the host, Lipa and Meyers played a truth or drink game inspired by Lipa’s song, “IDGAF.” Truth demands included Meyers being asked to rank his children from most to least favorite, the singer having to choose between Oprah and Beyoncé, and the most famous person to slide into Lipa’s DMs. Many shots were consumed during this portion. 

Things got giggly after that, with Lipa revealing her favorite Albanian swear word and Seth opening up about what he hates about being a dad: “They’re so dumb, my kids.” The day drinking culminated in impromptu musical performances by both participants and a sweet, if lubricated, profession of friendship. 


Lipa recently opened up to Rolling Stone about her new album, and finding her own voice. “The amount of time I’ve spent in the studio, worked with different people, honed in on my craft, and written so many songs, I’ve also come into a place where I feel really confident in who I am and what I want,” she says. “I felt like my voice got stronger because of touring, and there are so many different layers to the way I’ve progressed as an artist. It was very easy for me to not be deviated by all these other incredible artists.”

The singer’s hit “Dance the Night” is up for Song of the Year at the 2024 Grammy Awards. The category is presented to songwriters, which include Lipa, Ronson, Carolina Ailin, and Andrew Wyatt.

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