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Dua Lipa Goes Day Drinking With Seth Meyers, Makes Drinks Disappear Like ‘Houdini,’ Reveals Her Favorite, Filthiest Albanian Swear

Dua Lipa and Seth Meyers got tanked on Monday night (Dec. 11) in the latest edition of the late night host’s boozy bit “Day Drinking” segment. In keeping with the theme of the singer’s latest single, “Houdini,” Meyers started out with a run of mixed drinks with magical qualities, including a “Houtini,” which mixed vodka, tequila blanco, white rum and a hard pour of curaçao. The addition of some lemon juice “magically” changed the color of the drink, which Meyers dubbed “a wildly unimpressive effect.”

From the looks of the frown on Dua’s face, it was also had a wildly unimpressive taste.

Things didn’t get much better with a gummy-infused concoction called an “Abracadabra,” featuring Harry Potter butter beer. The shenanigans just got more confusing as the bit went on, with Meyers subjecting the singer to a game called “Pick a Card, Any Card,” whose categories included alcohol, common mixers, uncommon mixers and the dreaded “dusty old bottles you’d sneak a drink from at your grandparents.”

In the latter, we learned that Lipa pronounced bourbon “borbon,” which delighted Meyers as he began making the world’s worst drink, which blended borbon, soda, green juice and calvados, a drink the host promised would “suck ass.” It just got worse from there with a drink that mixed tequila, Red Bull, pumpkin spice latte and Campari, dubbed the “Second Wind,” which the pair said could be summed up by one word: “curdling.”

In another round inspired by Houdini, Meyers and Lipa lined up a round of shots and had to down them to find out if they were alcohol or water, with the “Levitating” singer hitting booze three times in a row before striking agua.

Finally, they got to a game inspired by Dua’s single “IDGAF,” in which Meyers asked Dua a question, to which she could answer “I don’t give a f–k” or take a shot. She struck first, asking Meyers to rank his three children in order from least to most favorite: that one ended up with a shot. When Meyers asked Dua to name the most famous person who has slid into her DMs, she laughed and took the shot.

Meyers wasn’t so tame when it came to a question about which of his Strike Force Five podcast co-hosts he liked the least, looking at the camera and slurring, “I don’t think the British should be allowed to have talk shows,” he said, seemingly calling out Emmy magnet and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. “We found the revalsuh… the Revolutionary War… John Oliver, go back home.”

“Wow, you hate the Brits!” Dua said laughing. “I don’t hate the Brits, I just f–king hate you, John,” Meyers slurred as a promo card for a series of upcoming Oliver/Meyers joint stand-up tour dates filled the screen. After Lipa served up her favorite Albanian swear word, the singer declined to name one of the “many fake-ass b–ches in the world,” while Meyers was happy to say what he hates about being a dad (“they’re so dumb.”)

When things got serious near the end, Dua took the Lizzo road and refused to pick between Oprah and Beyoncé, but the host did get her to sing “Happy Birthday” in her best Cockney accent. They then became the most annoying people in the bar when they tried to match each other’s high notes and ended with the traditional drunk’s prayer: “you’re my best friend.”

Watch Dua Lipa go day drinking with Seth Meyers below.

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