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Doja Cat on Inspo Behind ‘Scarlet’ Track ‘F-ck The Girls: ‘Me Saying F-ck Stan Twitter’

Doja Cat called out Stan Twitter during an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden that aired on Thursday, telling the radio host that her disdain for the extremely online pop culture subsection of the site was the inspiration of her Scarlet song “Fuck the Girls.”

“It’s me saying fuck Stan Twitter,” Doja said. “There’s that obsessiveness behind it, all the malice towards women in Stan culture. The condescending-ness of people being like, ‘mother, oh my god, queen, mother.,’ and expecting them to give and deliver and serve for the purpose of serving and not just expressing themselves. And in the same breath they’ll insult that person as well as call them ‘Mother.’ None of that shit is real, that’s where ‘Fuck The Girls’ comes from.”

The new claims aren’t the first time Doja has pushed back at online fandom. Earlier this year, she fell out with some fans over the often parasocial relationship between artists and their fanbase. “I don’t even know y’all,” she told one fan on Threads who asked her to declare her love for her fanbase.

Speaking with Darden, Doja further sought to dispel criticism that she hates her fans. “You’ll never see a direct quote of me saying, ‘I hate my fans.’ Not once,” she said. “But it’s a really big misquoted thing where everybody is saying, ‘She hates her fans.’”

Doja also addressed the backlash she faced in October over wearing a T-Shirt that featured an image of alt-right comic Sam Hyde. She suggested she didn’t know the problematic implications of wearing the shirt. Hyde was previously a co-writer on Adult Swim’s Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, which aired for one season before it was reportedly canceled over racist and sexist messaging. Hyde also donated $5,000 to the legal defense fund of Andrew Anglin of the neo-nazi site the Daily Stormer, the Los Angeles Times reported.


“You can’t know everything. Me wearing a t-shirt of someone who I thought was funny is an attack on people. It’s not, it’s not an attack. It didn’t affect the world in a way where we now have to look behind our backs,” she said.

“I also think I’m way too fucking famous,” she continued. “There’s some fans I have who know I don’t put any effort or involvement into whatever the fuck that negative ass shit was. I don’t need to explain myself. I don’t need to prove myself to bunch of people who are just going to project no matter what I say. There’s people who are incredibly dogmatic, it doesn’t matter what the fuck you do.”

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