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Check out Say Lou Lou’s sultry new single ‘Dust’ and new EP

Say Lou Lou have released their sultry new single and EP ‘Dust’.

The Swedish/Australian twins shared their latest music on Friday (April 12), where they released the video for its title track ‘Dust’. It is the first part of an unknown series of EPs.

The steamy video sees the twins dancing seductively with a model, as they sing: “I think you’re not what I want or craving / I think you’re not what I want at all / You don’t hear any words I’m saying / Is it all gonna fall and turn into dust?”

Speaking about their new EP, Say Lou Lou describe ‘Dust’ as “a candid collection of songs that chronicle various steps of a break up; mourning, anger, remorse and forgiveness. Being in it, being out of it, being under someone else, being over it.

“This record is us going through the motions and realising that love always looks clearer in the rear view mirror.”

Check out the video for ‘Dust’ and the full EP below:

Previously, Say Lou Lou previewed the ‘Dust’ EP with ‘Wong Kar-Wai‘ last February and ‘Waiting For A Boy‘ in January.

Named after the classic Hong Kong director, Say Lou Lou said their song was inspired by “wishing you were somewhere else, not here, anywhere – that love was like a film, a dream, anything but this tired, sad reality.

“Wong Kar-wai is a director who manages to reflect longing and mystery, a master of composition and capturing how chance encounters can be the fate that you needed,” they added.

In 2018, NME reviewed their last album ‘Immortelle‘ upon release and hailed it worthy of four stars: “At just seven tracks long, this all ends far too soon – but leaves us in no doubt that 2018 is a vintage year for Say Lou Lou, after all.”

NME also spoke to the twins about how ‘Immortelle’ was about “breaking free from boundaries and expectations”: “Us making this record was us going through so many different versions of ourselves.

“In the music community, it can be viewed as something that’s bad when you’re very aesthetically-driven,” said Miranda Kilbey. “You know? Like ‘if you have a strong identity in the fashion world, then surely you can’t have a good or acquired taste in music’. Or ‘you’re two young Swedish twins, so how can you know so much about music?’ Of course I know about music, that’s what I do! Of course I’ve heard these records!’ We love to assume that women who look a certain way, are a certain way.”

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