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Billie Eilish and Finneas Test Each Other’s Embarrassment, Spice Levels on ‘Hot Ones Versus’

Billie Eilish and Finneas entered the Hot Ones Versus gauntlet as extremely close siblings and collaborators and left as, well, still extremely close siblings and collaborators, but reeling from the eye-watering, consciousness-rattling effects of extremely spicy hot sauce.

For the interview show’s competition spin-off, the siblings were challenged to ask each other a series of embarrassing or personal questions and either tell the truth or eat a wing. The first few rounds went by with minimal fuss, as Eilish rated some of her past fits, and Finneas owned up to the biggest fight they had while making Hit Me Hard and Soft (and for constantly putting his dirty sneakers up on the console in the studio). 

Unsurprisingly, both Eilish and Finneas caved on questions that tested their music industry manners. Finneas wisely chose not to say which artist he would never want to work with again in the studio, and Eilish couldn’t bring herself to rank, from most to least talented, four big-name artists (Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator, Childish Gambino, and Justin Bieber).

The pair also both failed the “Sibling Test” round, a Newlywed Game-style interlude, where they had to guess the other’s response to a question. Finneas asked Eilish to name his favorite of her songs; Eilish chose “Skinny,” while Finneas selected “What Was I Made For” (“I literally forgot that song existed,” Eilish quipped of the track that just earned her a second Oscar). Then Eilish told Finneas to name her biggest fear as a kid. 


“She had several fears, I’m going old school kid stuff,” Finneas said. “We both had rampant separation anxiety, so it could be that, but I think it was — being flushed down the toilet.” Eilish let out a laugh and corrected him: It was actually the Salt Monster from Star Trek

Ultimately, while Eilish and Finneas both wound up eating three wings each, it was Eilish who claimed victory after pointing out that she didn’t even try to quell the heat with water or milk. Accepting her latest prize, a frazzled Eilish encouraged fans to stream Hit Me Hard and Soft, said she felt the need to reveal everyone she’s ever hooked up with and even tried to take a bite out of the fake chicken wing on top of her trophy. 

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