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Best Moments From Baila Conmigo Fest: Sergio Vargas, Proyecto Uno, Ilegales & More

Miami experienced a full night of Merengue classics and Vallenato on Saturday (March 30) with Baila Conmigo Fest, an event organized by CMN where more than 8,000 people of all ages came together at the Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key, Fla.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Baila Conmigo Fest’s diverse lineup included several merengue legends, such as Sergio Vargas, Proyecto Uno, Ilegales, Kinito Méndez, Eddy Herrera, Rikarena, Fulanito, Diveana, Puerto Rican Power and the legendary Colombian vallenato group Binomio de Oro.

Manuel Correa, executive of CMN and festival director, expressed his excitement about the accomplishment of holding the festival in Miami. He mentioned that it was a significant challenge, but CMN was confident that the music and artists would find a place in people’s hearts, knowing that fans were waiting for the perfect moment to reconnect. See below some highlights from the festival.

The Golden Age of Merengue

Latin pride was celebrated on a nostalgic night filled with hits from the 80s, 90s and the 2000s, connecting several Latin American countries.

Kinito Méndez’s set wouldn’t have been complete without him singing “Cachamba” and “El Baile del Sua Sua,” one of the great classics. Eddy Herrera sang “Pégame Tu Vicio,” “Tu Eres Ajena” and “Carolina,” which were some of the favorites of the night and Sergio Vargas gave an impeccable voice performance navigating between classics such as “La Ventanita,” “Vete y Dile” and more.

Ilegales and Proyecto Uno Take Fans on a Nostalgic Trip

As part of their sets, both tropical groups delivered merengue-packed performances, adding a fusion of metal sound with electric guitars to their hits “La Morena” and “Taqui, Taqui.” 

The incredible night was closed by Proyecto Uno, who wrapped the show with a bang. They had a giant inflatable shark on stage and fresh guitar arrangements for their songs “Está Pegao,” “El Tiburón” and the sweet classic “25 hrs,” among others. To everyone’s surprise, singer-songwriter Mark “The Mad Stuntman” also appeared as a special guest and performed “Latinos” alongside Proyecto Uno. He also performed his smash hit “I Like to Move It.”

Punctuality and Impeccable Event Logistics

Last but not least, the event logistics were exceptional, ensuring a seamless and energetic experience for all attendees to enjoy music in a family-friendly environment.

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