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Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino says she is “so disappointed” with her solo album launch

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino has expressed her feelings at the response to her first solo album, saying she has been left “so disappointed” in the outcome.

The release of the album came earlier this year, following Best Coast announcing news of an indefinite hiatus while the frontwoman focused her efforts on a solo career.

Titled ‘Natural Disaster’, the debut solo LP arrived back in July, however, according to the singer-songwriter, the response to the project has been a lot more lacklustre than she expected.

“I’ve debated having this conversation with you for a really long time,” she began, addressing her fans in a TikTok post (transcribed by Stereogum). “I put so much of myself into this record — into the writing of this record, into the recording of this record. I left fucking California for the first time ever to make a record. Like, I walked away from my identity. I walked away from Best Coast [… but] I have to be really fucking honest with you. I am so disappointed with the way things have gone.”

She continued, adding that she doesn’t “blame” anyone for the poor response to the LP and that she is aware it “just is the state of the music industry”.

“I’m so grateful that I even got to make the record… But it really sucks to feel like you put all of yourself and so many years of your life into this creative project and then to just have these expectations and have these desires and have them completely fall flat,” she added, saying that she doesn’t think the response has anything to do with the quality of the music.


Hi this is long but I wanted to tell you the truth ❤️ #dissapointment #fearoffailure #singersongwriter #believeinyourself #expectationvreality

♬ original sound – bethany cosentino

“When we look at it and evaluate it in terms of the commercial success lens, yeah, it kind of already went away,” Cosentino continued. “I have beat myself up over this for so many months. I have said, ‘Well, you just suck. You’re too old for this industry. There’s all these cooler younger people who took your place.’

“I could’ve just completely changed the sound of Best Coast, but, like, I didn’t wanna do that. I wanted Best Coast to be able to be its own thing and Bethany to go be her own thing,” she concluded. “There have been so many days since I put this record out that I’ve been like, “Do I really wanna do this anymore? Am I even doing this anymore? Should I just go move to the woods and have a baby and, like, become a therapist? But honestly, like, I don’t think I know how to do anything but make music.”

Following the post gathering momentum online, Cosentino shared a follow-up comment, stating that she was left “embarrassed” by the moment going viral, but sticks by her view.

“I’m embarrassed this went viral lol but whatever, all I’ve ever done is tell the truth & it’s always worked for me,” she explained. “Talk shit on me and my album if you want, but I’m proud of myself for always speaking my mind and I love my album and I’m gonna keep going.

“Also the launch was incredible! My publicist is a legend! I’m more so disappointed with the fact that you seemingly disappear in this industry if the algorithm loses you!”

Following its release, ‘Natural Disaster’ was given a four-star review by NME, who celebrated the breakthrough solo record as “ a bold move”, but one that was definitely “worth it” for the singer.

Similarly, in an interview with NME back in July, she reflected on the reasons behind the Best Coast hiatus, saying: “With Best Coast, I was put in a box by the public… In the beginning of my career, I was widely accepted by critics and the public, but people were also so horrible. I was reduced to these tropes of lazy, crazy, baby: she’s dumb, she doesn’t know how to write a song, she can barely play guitar.”

“I’m a 36-year-old woman with a story and an experience and a life that I am very proud of, and a life that I want to continue to explore and live,” she added. “I view the world very differently than I did when I was younger – I’d like to have a perspective on that, share it and hopefully create something that will make people feel seen and heard in a time where there’s so much shit happening.”

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