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Bang Chan & Felix Chat ‘ATE’ Album, Song Picks & More on Apple Music ‘All About Stray Kids Radio’ Premiere: First Look

While K-pop artists tend to utilize a range of teaser photos and video clips to hype fans up for new music, the members of Stray Kids are heading to Apple Music’s radio waves to share more about the group’s upcoming ATE album.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

In the kickoff episode of All About Stray Kids Radio (which premieres today, July 8, on Apple Music 1), members Bang Chan and Felix share new details about the group’s forthcoming mini-album ATE (dropping July 19), reflect on their latest single, and discuss their latest playlist additions, favorite games of the moments and other insights about SKZ’s music.

Felix says ATE’s overall concept is “something we haven’t done.” Bang Chan agrees, adding that not only is the title track single fresh but “a lot of the other songs [are] as well, it’s all very different… what we recorded, it’s just showing a different side of Stray Kids.”

In their charming Australian accents, the musical mates also discussed why the “Stray Kids Version” of their latest Billboard Hot 100 hit, the Charlie Puth–featuring “Lose My Breath,” was “a bit more special.” Plus, the duo shares the other songs on their current playlist, including Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated,” Linkin Park’s “New Divide,” King Gnu’s “Ichizu” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up!”

STAYs can listen to the first episode of All About Stray Kids Radio coming July 8 at 10:00p.m. ET on Apple Music 1 at Subsequent episodes will be released every Tuesday, with All About Stray Kids Radio also available on-demand for Apple Music subscribers after airing on Apple Music 1. Each episode will also be available on Apple Podcasts one hour after broadcast. The show’s podcast trailer is here.

Ahead of the full episode tonight — sure to include even more reveals — check out these exclusive moments and show artwork Billboard can share ahead of the broadcast.

Stray Kids

Courtesy of Apple Music

On What Fans Can Expect From ATE:

Felix: It’s been like nine months since we’ve done our comeback.

Bang Chan: Yeah, it’s been, like, what? Uh, eight months?

Felix: We did [“Lose My Breath”] so, like, you know, definitely fans can be like, “Oh, bro, like, what concept or what color are they going for this comeback album?” But definitely I reckon this is something we haven’t done in, like… this is our first time doing this kind of concept. And the music style is also very different. But then you can say, “Oh, wow, so this kinda song … it’s definitely Stray Kids’ style.” You know what I mean?

Bang Chan: It’s something that we haven’t done before — but, you know, not only with the title track… a lot of the other songs as well, it’s all very different. But, you know, in the end, it’s what we made. What we recorded. It’s just showing a different side of Stray Kids.

Felix: I think we fit it in the song pretty well.

Bang Chan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone did a really good job.

Felix: It matches so well with our color.

On “Lose My Breath (Stray Kids Version)”:

Bang Chan: With all eight of our voices coming out on the song, it’s, I feel like it’s a bit more special. You know what I mean? Also it’s a very different Stray Kids song.

Felix: Yeah, it’s not like a song we would always do. But, then again, because it’s us doing it, I feel like we did a good job recording and preparing for this song so.

Bang Chan: Most of the time, I’d be, you know, 3RACHA would be directing this song. But everyone did such a great job, so, um, big shout to all the members. And, um, also, you know, I feel like, ’cause, you know, the weather’s getting so hot these days…“Lose My Breath,” it kinda cools you down when you listen to the song in this hot weather.

Felix: Yeah. No matter how hot it is, like 35 degrees [Celsius], it’s still good to listen to, you know?

Bang Chan and Felix’s Favorite Stray Kids Songs:

Felix: What’s your favorite Stray Kids song?

Bang Chan: Bro, that’s so hard! I can’t choose! [Laughs.] Do you have one? 

Felix: I have … actually, [my favorite was] “DOMINO.”

Bang Chan: “DOMINO”? “DOMINO” is pretty good. “DOMINO” is my wake-up alarm.

Felix: Oh, really?!

Bang Chan: ‘Cause it’s so loud from the start. [Singing.] And it just wakes me up straight away. I’m like, “Ah!”

Bang Chan and Felix Talk Hobbies:

Felix: Is there anything you’re interested in these days?

Bang Chan: Ooh, interests … I don’t know … you know, I’ve been playing Genshin a lot these days.

Felix:  Genshin a lot, yeah. Same here.

Bang Chan: Sometimes, when you bring your console out into schedule[s], we play Tekken together. Um, what else? I’ve been interested in soccer.

Felix: You’ve been playing soccer?

Bang Chan: Mm-hmm.

Felix: Oh yeah, you have.
Bang Chan: Yeah. Futsal with the members, some other mates.

Felix: Oh yeah.

Bang Chan: Um, what else am I doing? I’ve been trying to work out a bit more frequently these days.

Felix: Oh. Ah, you have more hobbies then … You have, like, three hobbies then.
Bang Chan: I guess so.

Felix: Like, working out, soccer, and then Genshin.

Bang Chan: To be honest, yeah. That does make sense. ‘Cause, I mean, you know me. I think a lot. And then I try to get out of mind — I try to, you know, find all these hobbies [Laughs.]

Felix: That’s good, man.

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