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¡Aye Caramba! You Will Not Believe Who Sabrina Carpenter’s Famous Aunt Is

Everyone has that wacky aunt (or uncle) who love to tell jokes or do weird impressions at Thanksgiving. But not everyone has an aunt who also happens to be one of the most famous cartoon voice actors of all time. And for sure not everyone in that family also happens to be a chart-topping pop superstar.

Thanks to a TikTok video answering a fan question wondering if Sabrina Carpenter is indeed her niece, the world learned this week that Emmy-winner Nancy Cartwright — the voice of the lovable short-pants mischief maker Bart Simpson for more than 35 years — is indeed the “Please Please Please” singer’s aunt.

“Is Sabrina Carpenter your niece?” Cartwright said in the 17-second clip in which she posted a snap of her with the singer featuring the caption “yeah, absolutely.”

“Isn’t that amazing when you find out that somebody that maybe you’ve known me for a little while doing this little 10-year-old boy for like 35-some years and some of you guys for, like, way less than that find out that I’m related to this like superstar,” Cartwright, 66, said. “She’s pretty amazing.” Cartwright has voiced Simpson since the longest-running animated sitcom started airing on Fox in 1989 and in addition to Bart she also supplies the voices of Maggie Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders and Nelson Muntz.

The comments on Cartwright’s video were evidence of the mind-blowing nature of the revelation, including, “Sabrina Carpenter is related to Bart Simpson, Ay, caramba!,” “Can we hear Bart sing espresso?! PLEASEEEEE,” “But why does Sabrina being related to Bart Simpson makes so much sense??? it really is a family attitude” and “I love the proud Aunt vibes.”

Voice acting seems to run in the family, as the former Girl Meets World star whose Short n’ Sweet album is due out on August 23 has also done some cartoon voice work on series including Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy’s Law among others.

Watch Cartwright’s video below.

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