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Adele Says She Almost ‘Shat’ Herself When Lady Gaga Attended Her Vegas Show

Adele revealed she almost “shat” herself when she spotted Lady Gaga in the audience of her Las Vegas residency — because, honestly, who wouldn’t?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the singer reflected on the slew of stars who attended her “Weekends With Adele” show, explaining that most of the time, like with Shania Twain, she wasn’t aware of anyone special in the audience until after the show wrapped. With Gaga, however, she was given a heads-up. “There’s been one there that I shat myself the whole show,” she said before revealing that it was Gaga. “And I’ve spent a bit of time with her, but I rate her so hard. I was like, ‘The show’s terrible. It’s rubbish. I’m singing terribly. I’m not funny. My dress is rubbish this week.’ I was judging myself. And she’s not like that. But she made me really, really nervous.”

She added: “I don’t get told who’s coming. I only knew Gaga was coming. She came in disguise. Well, not in disguise, she just wasn’t dressed up. It’s like me, I’ve put sweatpants on [today]. But yeah, as long as people come and they enjoy it, that’s all that matters, really.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer shared her enthusiasm about Dua Lipa’s return single, “Houdini” and that she knew she’d be a star upon hearing her first hit, “New Rules,” back in 2017. “I remember saying to my manager, ‘Whoa,’” she recalled. “I was like, ‘She should be the next big pop girl.’ And she is. I’m so excited she’s back. She wasn’t even gone for very long. I couldn’t work like that either. It’s too much. I can’t cope sharing myself all the time. I’d be that plastic bag blowing in the wind that Katy Perry sings about [in ‘Firework’].”

She also predicted that SZA will win all the Grammys she was nominated for (nine, including Album of the Year for SOS) at the 2024 ceremony. “She’s had such a wonderful, wonderful couple of years,” she said. “I loved her show as well. It was great. I enjoyed it.”

Adele’s Vegas residency began in November 2022. She extended it in October, announcing its 2024 run from Jan. 19 through June 15.


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